Cooking School

Marrakech - Cooking School

La Maison Arabe’s long culinary history dates back to 1946, when two enterprising French women, Hélène Sébillon-Larochette, and her daughter, Suzy, were granted the right by the pasha Thami el Glaoui to set up the first restaurant open to foreigners in the medina. The pasha provided a servant from his nearby palace to teach them the intricacies of Moroccan cuisine, and La Maison Arabe quickly became one of the leading restaurants on the African continent.

La Maison Arabe has since become renowned for its cooking workshops, which are open to in-house guests and all food lovers visiting Marrakech. Learn step-by-step the secrets of authentic Moroccan cuisine from our dadas (traditional Moroccan cooks), using modern, everyday kitchen equipment to make precious recipes passed down from generation to generation.