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The Timeless Beauty of Tunisia

The smallest country in North Africa, Tunisia packs perfect Mediterranean weather, beautiful beaches and the relics of more than three thousand years of history into one incredible package. Its long, sparkling Mediterranean coast, dotted with resort towns and tiny coastal villages, has long been favoured by sunseekers. Water sports, camel rides and sand surfing in the Sahara satisfy a thirst for adventure. And when it comes to ancient history, Tunisia is a treasure trove.

Influenced by a succession of different civilisations and cultures – Carthaginian, Jewish, Christian, Arab, Islamic, Turkish, French – Tunisia today reflects a vibrant multi-ethnic heritage and is strewn with remnants of its fascinating past. There are no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore, the most famous being the ruins of ancient Carthage – once a great trading empire, the greatest rival ever to the Roman Empire, and from where Hannibal launched one of history’s most daring military campaigns.

The Roman site of Dougga with its magnificent temples, theatres, markets and forums will also astound you, while at the Bardo National Museum, you can unravel all of Tunisia’s secrets.

In the capital city of Tunis, East meets West, past meets present. Step back in time in the old part of the city, the remarkably preserved Medina of Tunis, loaded with atmosphere in its spice-scented streets and alleyways, majestic mosques, and bustling souks where you can sip tiny glasses of mint tea as you haggle over prices. In contrast, the wide avenues and art nouveau architecture in the new part of the city, Ville Nouvelle, reflect the city’s period under French colonial rule.

Nowhere is Tunisia’s cultural diversity more apparent though than in its cuisine, a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours, dominated by olive oil, spices, tomatoes, seafood and meat - mainly lamb - as well as couscous, the national dish.

Exotic, enchanting, engaging…Tunisia is a destination that won’t disappoint!