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Stretching Mind & Body

Enjoy private sessions of your favourite wellness activities, or take the opportunity to try something you have always wanted to but never found time to do.

* SPA Programmes for Wellness

  • Pilates: 1 hour
  • Serenity Walk: 45 minutes
  • Stretching: 45 minutes
  • Yoga: 1 hour (group class or private session)
  • Meditation: 1 hour
  • Thai Stretch: 45 minutes
  • Personal Training: 1 hour
  • Aqua Gym: 1 hour

* SPA Programmes for Summer Journey

The Grand Bleu — 60 mins
A spa experience in nature by the turquoise lagoon performed in the cabana facing the Indian ocean. Allow your body and mind to benefit from a soft seaside breeze while enjoying a relaxing or toning full body massage.

Mindfulness Massage – 75 mins
A divine combination of Yoga breathing techniques, Reiki healing an ancient Japanese technique (meaning < Higher Power >) used to balance and reinforce the vital organs through the placing of hands on energy centres or chakras and by a full body massage to relax, balance the soul and body.


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