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Desert Sights & Experiences

The Residence Douz offers access to some of the most breathtaking sights on earth as well as the cultural heritage of the Dahar region, an ancient land steeped in 3,000 years of history that emanates an air of mystery and discovery. Here are a few suggested itineraries to get you started on your journeys into the extraordinary.

Dahar Region
Spanning a distance of 130 km, the Dahar region, considered the most original region of Tunisia, is dotted with the remains of eras past. Get insight into traditional Berber customs and way of life as you explore Matmata in the hilly northern area, famed for its troglodyte houses. An architectural gem, these underground cave-like houses provide protection from the extremes of the desert climate and have featured in a number of Star Wars movie, making this a treat for Star Wars fans.

Moving south, the terrain rises to mountain peaks interspersed with fertile valleys, where you can visit Toujane, renowned for its handwoven rugs, and explore ancient citadel villages such as Guermessa and Chenini, perched on the steep slopes.

Chott el Djerid
Spanning over 7,000 km, Chott el Djerid is the largest salt lake in the Sahara, a landscape of mirages where you can marvel at the colours of its salty water, appearing in various shades of white, green, orange, purple and pink. Take a 4WD trip in the early morning to witness the sunrise over the lake, one of the most awe-inspiring times to be in its midst.

Ksar Ghilane Hot Springs
For active adventures, travel across the dunes by camel, quad bike or buggy towards the natural hot springs at the centre of the Grand Erg Oriental. Catch your breath amid the greenery of this desert oasis before taking a swim in the spring’s revitalising water.

Overnight Camping
Travel to the camp of Tembaine, stopping en route to visit Jebil National Park, home to several protected Saharan species, including the Rhim and Dorcas gazelles and rare birds such as the Houbara bustard. At the camp, spend the evening around a campfire, admiring the sunset and dining under the stars before retiring to the charming comfort of your tent.