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In And Around The Resort 

Whether traversing surreal landscapes by camel or spotting native wildlife in Jebil National Park, give free rein to your inner nomad as you discover the secrets of the Sahara in adrenaline-filled adventures, curated excursions, and romantic escapades above the rippling sand dunes.

For the ultimate desert experience, enjoy an overnight safari with campfire dining beneath a brilliant canopy of stars. Join us too on unique culinary and cultural journeys at our Mud House cultural centre, forging unforgettable memories and deeper connections with this incredible destination.


Resort Activities

  • Bedouin-style sand bread-baking classes
  • Cultural events and performances

Desert Activities

  • Camel trekking
  • Quad biking
  • Buggy driving
  • Camping
  • Wildlife safari
  • Berber village tours