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A True Tropical Paradise

The very definition of paradise, the Maldives is made up of 26 atolls that straddle the equator, sprinkled with around 1,200 coral islands, less than a quarter of which are inhabited.

The sea covers about ninety-nine per cent of the Maldives and is where much of its magic can be found. Scuba diving in these waters is second to none, offering a window into an incredible underwater world inhabited by a wide range of corals and over 2,000 species of fish ranging from colourful reef fish to reef sharks and whale sharks as well as sea turtles, eels and a variety of rays. Embark on a Sunset Dolphin Cruise and witness the dance of the dolphins as spinners leap out of the tranquil deep blue in aerial acrobatics. Lucky ones may also experience the wonder of these wild encounters up close on a snorkel amid pods of dolphins swimming past The Dhigurah Reef.

The Maldives is rich in culture and traditions, expressed in the rhythms of the native bodu beru drums, the craftsmanship of finely woven kunaa mats, and the artistry displayed in the architecture of its grandest mosques. With its castaway islands, pristine nature and unique culture, a visit to the Maldives promises a holiday of a lifetime.