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Island Sights & Experiences

From nature to culture to rural village life, there are many sides to Bintan to explore for an enriching vacation. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few suggested itineraries that cater to different interests.

Senggerang Village
The rustic Chinese village of Senggarang on the southwestern coast of Bintain offers a fun day of sightseeing with fascinating glimpses into the rich Chinese heritage of the Riau Archipelago. Among its most captivating sights are the fishermen’s stilt houses that line the coast in rows, and a collection of Chinese temples dating back to the 17th century, yet remarkably well maintained and filled with intricate sculptures and paintings. The Tian Shang Miao temple is a particularly interesting sight, entwined by the roots of a massive Banyan tree that is said to have been standing here for more than 200 years.

Penyengat Island
At Tanjung Pinang, hop on a local pompong boat for a 15-minute ride and a step back in time to the island of Penyengat, the former home of Riau royals and once the vibrant capital of Malay culture. Reminders of its rich heritage remain in a number of prominent landmarks, including the Grand Mosque, which was completed in 1844, the restored palace of the 19th century Islamic historian and scholar Raja Ali Haji, and a number of royal tombs. If military history interests you, an old Dutch fort in the middle of the island provides spectacular views across the whole island.

Sea Gypsy Village
Discover the way of life of Bintan’s sea gypsies - sea nomads who are born, live and die on the sea. Panglong Village is the largest sea gypsy village on the island where you can observe the patterns of rural life unchanged for hundreds of years, stilt houses on waters, and salted fish being dried in the open.

Souvenir Hunting
Looking for a unique souvenir of your holiday? Take a stroll through the bustling street markets where you can shop for the best bargains on exotic Indonesian handicrafts such as beautiful batiks, or embark on a food trail exploring local foods and spices.

Mangrove Tour
Embark on a back-to-nature adventure along the Sebung River, cruising through a remarkable mangrove eco-system flanked by thick primary jungle. Soak up the serenity as you look out for the myriad wildlife that make their home here, such as monkeys, snakes, monitor lizards and kingfishers. Opt for a night tour for a chance to see fireflies lighting up the river. A truly magical sight.

Mapur Island
Hop across to the pristine, uninhabited island of Mapur, located 16 kilometres east of Bintan, where you’ll be greeted by white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear water. The island is famous for its beautiful underwater scenery, making it a hotspot for snorkelling and diving.