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Cenizaro Cares

At Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts, we are extremely passionate about making meaningful contributions to the education, healthcare and sustainability of the local areas where we operate.

Part of the Cenizaro Cares Programme, the Dollar-A-Day checkout donations initiative will see hotel guests as well as the company (through a capped matching donation, annually) make an important contribution to the environment and the communities in which Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts serves.

This charitable giving initiative is focused on enhancing the welfare and quality of life of the local communities in various destinations across our portfolio.

The Dar Bouidar Children's Village – Atlas Kinder
Swiss Hansjörg Huber founded the village community of Atlas Children in Morocco near Marrakech in 2015 - the village of Dar Bouidar was born. Around 10,000 children are abandoned each year, to alleviate the misery of these abandoned children, a children's village for 100 children in Tahanaout, at the foot of the Atlas was built to provide them with a safe home, a community and an education. Today around 120 children live in the village of Dar Bouidar, and more will soon be able to move in as the construction of additional villages is being planned.

GAIA Association:
Therapeutic farm for disabled young people. Gaïa, Therapeutic Day Farm, is an association created in 2007 whose mission is the socio-professional integration of People with Disabilities (PSH), mostly from needy families and extends to the integration of PWD into professional life.

Assalam Community Foundation
Founded in 2017, in Zanzibar Assalam aims to develop quality educational facilities for African children and women and provide sources of income for women of Africa by bringing an awareness for non-African people about what they can learn from Africa. Focus areas include Educational Activities for Kids, Vocational Training for Women, Social Entrepreneurship, Volunteering, Youth Challenge and Humanitarian Aid

The Residence Maldives will be donating their funds to a Villingili Atoll local hospital, Dhaandhoo Pre-school towards improving their facilities and Nilandhoo village for setting up a compost farm.