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Harmony & Vitality

Experience the restorative benefits of ancient healing traditions and revolutionary beauty treatments.

Earth Blessings (120 mins)
Out with the negative energy, in with the positive. Restu Suci delicately taps into the ila Soul Blessing of Earth, to keep the body rooted and to infuse inner peace into the psyche. Gentle and soothing, the treatment combines a fresh ginger and pandan foot wash, chakra cleansing frankincense smoke, crystal singing bowls and a slow, earthy massage with grounding vetiver, patchouli, and jatamansi oils, to calm body and mind and create profound stillness.

Sacred Love (120 mins)
Perfect for couples, this intimate treatment ritual uses the trinity of three exquisite oils — rose (love), orange blossom (bliss), and jasmine (for stimulating the flow of love), to promote reconnection on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Fire Blessings (120 mins)
Like gems, the human body, too, has a glow from within — the centre of health and vitality. Restu Daya restores this with a detoxifying Himalayan salt scrub, infused with locallygrown lemongrass and essential oils such as geranium and juniper. Stress and exhaustion are then dispelled with a Vital Energy Oil massage with warmed Himalayan salt poultices that concentrates on the stomach area.

Chakra Balance (120 mins)
A holistic, bespoke treatment designed just for you. This full session involves relaxation of the nervous system, sensuous lymphatic drainage, healing of the chakras, and the pouring of warm oil over the third eye for the ultimate restoration.

I Do... (120 mins)
Make your union special with this couple-suited session, focusing on the heart, sacral, and crown chakras. This intimate treatment uses a trinity of exquisite oils — rose (love), orange blossom (bliss), and jasmine (for stimulating the flow of love). For a stronger bond, couples partake in a vibrant postsession meal curated to encourage vitality.

Forever Thine... (180 mins)
Feel refreshed and awakened before your big day. This session is renowned for restoring women’s emotional well-being, comprising a body renewal with bath, soothing massage, kidney packs, and essential oils to nurture the feminine spirit. The treatment concludes with an invigorating facial that leaves you radiant, inside and out.